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Flavored and flame-grilled chicken is not here to just make your taste buds juicy but we have a deeper purpose for your pockets. Our core belief is that good food choices are good investments for your body. Our chicken is roaming cage-free and comes straight to your plate without any added preservatives or ever frozen. Combine this with our organic produce, an array of mouthwatering vegan sauces along with gluten-free sides, and VIOLA- you have a high-quality meal with fresh ingredients which has not cost you an arm and a leg. 



FF chicken extracts flavors that stem from South African countries: Angola and Mozambique where the peri peri chilli pepper (capsicum frutescens) is harvested. We combine these peppers with classical European spices for a unique twist on our peri peri flavors. FF chicken has proudly mastered the art of presenting a unique and exciting blend of sauces for your palate that will leave you only craving for more. Come try our African-European inspired food with delicant peri peri flavors. We promise you will only return for more! Who knew healthy could taste this delicious too?


We take your chicken and marinate for 24 hours with our very own house blend marinade- once the flavors have penetrated deep into every fiber of the meat we grill your meat to perfection basted with YOUR choice of flavoring and level of heat. We have 6 flavors to satisfy everyone's taste buds: What a Jerk!, Tango, Hello Yellow, Meso, Hot Shot, Tongue Sizzler. When our natural, free-range fresh chicken which is never frozen goes through our unique marination process it ensures a juicy, tasty and tender bite.

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FF Chicken offers high quality food with divine flavors that are fresh. Whether it is in our fast- casual vibrant and energetic indoor dining experience or a take-out for your home dining - the FF experience will leave you fulfilled. We continue to augment our recipes with health-consciousness, but we don't stop here. It is not only our bodies that need to consume healthy food but also our environment that needs our care. We have adopted sustainable packaging for an earth-friendly action. This concept born in Raleigh, North Carolina is making waves not only across the state but also countrywide and maybe.....worldwide ;) The future of FF chicken - the home of flavored chicken is promising!